Star Trails Photography with Gabriel Biderman | Live Class

Join a super comprehensive Star Trails Photography Class with Gabriel Biderman.

Gabriel teaches us all we need to create stunning Star Trails images, from inspiration, planning and gear to camera settings and a bit of post processing…

And of course, he answers all your questions too.

Time Index

00:00 Introduction
03:08 Who is Gabriel Biderman
15:55 The magic of Star Trails
21:42 Star Trails tips
33:03 Planning Star Trails with PhotoPills
36:46 Gear
54:27 Figuring out your exposure
1:04:46 Stacking stars vs single shot
1:13:14 Software
1:17:43 Keep an eye to the skies
1:22:25 Create a variety of Star Trails
1:32:25 Urban Star Trails
1:43:13 Q&A
1:55:36 Final words

Gabriel Biderman

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