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Rafel Cladera
November 2018
Mauro Cirigliano
October 2018
Nicholas Roemmelt
September 2018
Miguel Angel Avi García
August 2018
Javier Martínez Morán
July 2018
Yuri Zvezdny
June 2018
Ovidio García
May 2018
Dan Tucker
April 2018
Camilo Jaramillo
March 2018
Chance Allred
February 2018
Matt Williams
January 2018
Maik Schell
December 2017
Kevin Ly
November 2017
Miguel Ángel Avi
October 2017
Alyn Wallace
September 2017
Ted Hesser
August 2017
Şerafettin Yağmur
July 2017
Javier Del Cerro
June 2017
Nicholas Roemmelt
May 2017
Christian Schipflinger
April 2017
Thomas Lucht
March 2017
Christer Håvarstein
February 2017
Omar Huerta
January 2017
Jesús Alcántara Garrido
December 2016
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Szilard Szasz-Toth
November 2016
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Joanna Scott
October 2016
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Michael Pistono
September 2016
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Morgan Trimble
August 2016
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Phillip Norman
July 2016
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Nadine Bernard
June 2016
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Philipp Schmidli
May 2016
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Kareem Khalaf
April 2016
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Nicholas Roemmelt
March 2016
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Xavier Mas
February 2016
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Tyler Sichelski
January 2016
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