Perseids Meteor Shower Photography Masterclass with Ian Norman

Learn how to photograph the Perseids Meteor Shower with Ian Norman (Lonely Speck).

You’ll learn everything you need to photograph any meteor shower: inspiring images, how to plan them with PhotoPills... all the gear you need and all the camera settings you need.

Time Index

00:00 Introduction
02:40 Night sky example pictures
09:04 Meteor Shower example pictures
12:56 Plan with PhotoPills
24:01 How to scout locations
29:45 Gear to bring
42:30 Settings
50:43 Shooting tips in the dark
53:40 Question: Use dark frames?
55:20 Question: Noise because of overheating?
56:48 When to take foreground exposure
59:49 Focusing
1:08:23 Tutorials on YouTube channel
1:09:22 Processing: Selecting frames with meteors
1:16:54 Question: Use star tracker?
1:19:11 Question: Light painting the foreground?
1:20:48 Question: Capture Neowise and Perseids?
1:22:07 Question: How to distinguish meteors from satellites?
1:24:53 Processing: Blending frames with meteors
1:35:03 Processing: Blend frames to match sky color and brighten meteors
1:45:34 Processing: Rotate frames to match radiant

Ian Norman

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