How to Plan a Photo of the Next Full Moon with a Building

Learn how to plan a photo of the next Full Moon with PhotoPills to the last detail. Including planning the field of view (framing) and the depth of field, so you get, in focus, both your subject and the Moon.


00:00 Introduction
00:56 Set the Full Moon date
01:46 Place Red Pin next to your Subject
02:26 Place Black Pin on Subject
03:21 Find the Initial Shooting Spot and Shooting Time
06:26 Adjust the Shooting Spot and Shooting Time
09:20 Check Moon Size
11:00 Plan Field of View and Depth of Field
13:44 Check Natural Light
15:12 Save and Share the Plan
15:53 Final Words

As always, if you need help planning the Moon, post a comment below.

And if you wish to learn how to photograph the Moon, check our super detailed Moon Photography guide.

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