Understanding Depth of Field (DoF) and How to Calculate it

Let’s talk about depth of field, how to calculate it with PhotoPills and how you can use the different camera settings to control the depth of field you’ll get in your photos: aperture, focal length, focus distance and sensor size.

I’ll also talk about how to use the hyperfocal distance to maximize depth of field. And how to get shallow depth of field and deep depth of field.

Time Index

00:00 Introduction
00:40 What is depth of field
03:24 What is the hyperfocal distance
04:57 Depth of field vs aperture
06:13 Depth of Field vs focal length
07:05 Depth of field vs focus distance
07:53 Depth of field vs camera sensor Size
10:00 How to shoot shallow depth of field
10:17 How to shoot deep depth of field
10:56 Final words

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