Time Lapse Photography for Beginners with Matthew Vandeputte | Live Class

Join us in a super detailed time lapse photography class with the great Matthew Vandeputte.

Matthew will show us his workflow to create such stunning time lapse videos. This class is a complete time lapse photography tutorial. So get ready to receive tons of time lapse photography ideas, tips, settings, gear, software and more!

If you’re new to time lapse photography, this is the place to start.

Time Index

00:00 Introduction
04:17 Who is Matthew Vandeputte
06:52 Time lapse shooting methods
09:58 What gear do you need?
20:11 How to prepare a shoot
27:34 Basic shoot theory
38:35 Common mistakes
43:40 Which software to use?
47:47 Basic editing example
1:07:31 Q&A
1:26:47 Final words

Matthew Vandeputte

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