Optimizing Composition and Color for Landscape Photography with Sapna Reddy | Live Class

Join Sapna Reddy in a super interesting Photography Composition Class.

Sapna teaches us the art of composition and color applied to landscape photography, so we can improve our photos.

Also, at the end of the class, she reviews some of the photos that you guys did submit :)

Time Index

00:00 Introduction
01:08 Who is Sapna Reddy
03:57 Composition
11:31 Identifying focal points
17:18 Arrangement of the visual elements
37:55 Adding depth
42:09 Adding a 3D feeling
54:57 Composition summary
56:49 Color
58:37 Conveying mood through color
1:02:44 Adding depth with color
1:04:19 Visual pathway using color
1:07:17 Color summary
1:19:10 Photo critique of submitted photos
1:51:52 Final words

Sapna Reddy

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