The PhotoPills Expedition to the Lofoten Islands is Sold Out (Join the Waiting List)

By Rafael Pons

The PhotoPills Expedition to the Lofoten Islands is SOLD OUT!


All 12 spots are already gone!

Thanks so much :D

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We’re going to the Lofoten Islands...

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Around the New Moon...

From February 11th to February 17th 2024, Laura Oppelt and Marco Grassi (PhotoPills Masters) will be traveling across the Lofoten Islands to photograph the Aurora Borealis, the magical winter’s Golden Light, the Waxing Crescent Moon along with Arctic frozen landscapes, wild beaches, dramatic mountains and picturesque fishing villages...

Right when the Sun is in the period of solar maximum, which means we will be more likely to see and photograph the dancing green lights of the Aurora!

Of course...

We’ll be taking photos all day long...

In February, the total golden hour time exceeds the 5 hours per day in Lofoten!


Can you imagine it?

To photograph the Aurora Borealis, the long lasting winter Golden Light and the thin Moon with massive snow-capped peaks, stunning rock formations, vibrant red cabins (known as rorbu), endless Arctic fjords, brave seascapes, remote beaches, lonely trees and the frozen landscapes…

We’re dreaming about it!

To achieve it, we’ll use the planning power of PhotoPills and the expert knowledge of Laura Oppelt and Marco Grassi to always be at the right place at the right time.

Top secret: we have quite a few legendary photos planned already ;)

Are you in?

The Deal (Only 12 Spots)

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All you have to do is to book 1 of the 12 spots available before Sunday December 24th.

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Please, book as soon as possible. The seats are sold on a first come, first served basis.

The Adventure

12 PhotoPillers | 2 PhotoPills Masters | Lofoten Islands | Endless legendary photos

Insert your image here

Warning! This is not a honeymoon...

We’re recruiting 12 brave PhotoPillers (PhotoPills and photography nerds) to join us on a 7-day expedition to photograph the Aurora Borealis, the magical winter’s Golden Light, the Waxing Crescent Moon along with some of the most precious treasures hidden in the Lofoten Islands.

It’s winter and it’s going to be cold!

The average temperature is between 1ºC (33ºF) and -3ºC (27ºF). The mountains and hillsides will be covered in a white blanket of snow, creating a picturesque winter scenery.


The Sun has entered the period of solar maximum, which means we will be more likely to see and photograph the dancing green lights of the Aurora!

And the golden hour lasts for more than 5 hours per day.


This is a non-stop adventure to chase legendary photos and you are a key asset!

We have planned tons of photos, and we’ll travel many kilometers to capture them...

But we also want to maximize our flexibility in terms of itinerary and schedule in order to take advantage of all the opportunities that the changing weather will surely put in our way.

If we see something interesting happening in the sky, we’ll pick the best location possible, stop and take advantage of the occasion.

When we are hungry, we’ll stop and eat. When we are tired, we’ll stop and rest...

You are about to embark on a PhotoPills’ style journey. And it’s not going to be a honeymoon precisely... :P

You’ll be a true photographer.

Are you in?

Day 1. Sunday, February 11th - Welcome to the Lofoten Islands

Insert your image here

It’s Sunday afternoon, and you land at Leknes airport in Lofoten, located at the 68th and 69th parallels north of the Arctic Circle in North Norway.

Welcome to the Arctic Ocean!

With its dramatic mountains, picturesque fishing villages, pristine beaches, and ever-changing light, Lofoten offers a plethora of opportunities to capture mesmerizing images…

And we’re all ready for action!

After collecting your luggage, take the exit door to the main hall to meet Laura Oppelt and Marco Grassi... And probably a few more PhotoPillers :)

1:30 pm

Insert your image here

Our first stop is the always stunning Vareid beach, on the island of Moskenesøya.

It’s the beginning of the golden hour (1:56 pm) and the Sun has not yet set…

There’s snow everywhere. The water is slowly moving among the big rounded rocks located by the shore. Far away, the tall peaks try to scrape the clouds above them.

The Sun, which sets at 3:58 pm next to the background mountains, is now filling the sky in oranges and reds.

At least, this is the scene we have pictured in our minds. And we’ll be there to try to capture it!

3:00 pm

Insert your image here

Vikten is our Sunset spot.

The beach offers diverse vantage points for framing our shots. We can capture wide angle scenes that take in the curve of the shoreline, the frozen or frothy waves, and the towering mountains in the background.

Foreground elements such as driftwood, rocks, or ice formations can lend depth to our compositions.

Golden hour ends at 4:38 pm.

4:45 pm

Insert your image here

Our next stop is Hattvika lodge, our base camp for the whole expedition :)

The lodge is located in an authentic fisherman’s area, where ambient oozes of history and a great view to the harbor of Hattvika. You’ll be surrounded by the islands’ typical fishermen cottages or rorbu – the distinctive red cabins lining much of the coastline.

Here you’ll be sharing a traditional fisherman cottage or rorbu with a few other PhotoPillers. You’ll enjoy your own private room and share the bathroom (1 bathroom for 2 PhotoPillers) and living room area.

5:30 pm

Expedition briefing.

Laura and Marco will go over the itinerary for the week, explaining the logistics, the locations and the photo opportunities we’ve specially planned for you. They’ll also cover the recommended gear and some important safety instructions.

Nighttime begins at 7:15 pm.

7:00 pm

Dinner in a local restaurant. This will be our first opportunity to taste the local cuisine.

Lofoten is a fishing hub, so get ready to enjoy lots of fish and seafood… But there are meat, vegetarian and vegan options too!

Ah! And don’t forget the knekkebrød, the traditional Norwegian crispbread that is often served alongside meals.

8:30 pm

Insert your image here

In February, nighttime lasts for more than 10h in Lofoten…

All we need (and long for) when we’re out there in the cold, at night, is a clear sky and the greens, the blues and the reds of the Aurora dancing above our heads.

For the first night here, we’ve chosen the beautiful white-sand beach of Vik.

Vik is open to the north, making it a great location to photograph northern lights during winter, as the lights move towards the north above the stunning Mannen mountain (400 m or 1,312 ft).

Also, if the sea is calm, it’s a fantastic spot to photograph reflections :)

If the sky is clear and we’re not lucky with the Aurora, we’ll photograph the thin Milky Way and a circumpolar image (Star Trails) above Mannen mountain.

Before you choose your shooting spot, check PhotoPills to understand where exactly the Milky Way will be:

Insert your first screenshot here
Insert your second screenshot here

Tip: If you’d like to shoot a circumpolar image, you need to know that the PhotoPills map is oriented in a way that North is upwards… There you’ll find the Polaris. So choose your shooting spot and shooting direction wisely.

And if the sky is not clear, what about shooting a few cool dramating night long exposures to capture the moving clouds above the white landscapes and the brave sea?

It seems like a great idea to me :)

1:00 am

We've got a fantastic plan lined up...

We're all set to capture stunning shots during Sunrise, Sunset and even after dinner at night.

Our main focus will be on capturing the breathtaking northern lights, aiming to capture as much magic as possible during our journey. If we're fortunate enough to be out photographing the Aurora and it takes us into the late hours, we'll take a little extra sleep the next morning, skip Sunrise and kickstart our day a bit later, while still making the most of the enchanting golden hour lighting for our photos.

On the other hand, if the conditions make us skip the nighttime photography session, we'll rise and shine early to catch the Sunrise. Whichever path we take, you can count on us to seize every photo opportunity and be right where the magic happens!

Time to go to bed!

Photographic Pills:

  • Golden hour at Vareid beach.
  • Sunset at Vikten beach.
  • Aurora, Milky Way, Star Trails, long exposures and reflections at the beach of Vik.

Day 2. Monday, February 12th - The Dragon’s Eye

Insert your image here

7:00 am

Breakfast at Hattvika lodge.

8:00 am

At a 30-minute drive from our lodge, we find Stortinden (866 m or 2,841 ft), a spectacular and pointy triangle shaped peak, our main subject for Sunrise.

At this time of the year in Lofoten, the Sun rises in the southeast. And we’ll be shooting towards the west, so we expect the morning golden light to fall on the peak from the side :)

It’s our job to find a nice foreground to play with the peak at the back… It’d be cool to find a bit of broken ice creating a guiding line to Stortinden.

Plan & Pray!

Blue hour begins at 7:36 am, golden hour begins at 8:00 am, Sunrise is at 8:40 am and golden hour ends at 10:36 am.

9:30 am

Insert your image here

With a surface of 0.76 km2 (0.29 mi2), Storvatnet (the big lake) is the biggest lake on Averøya island.

The broken ice layers in the frozen lake, the surrounding tall mountains and the golden light (remember that we’re still in golden hour) are the elements we need to work with to get our shot.

In the south now, the Sun is still very low in the sky (2.82º), so we hope the peaks will be nicely lit :)

Check PhotoPills...

The Moon (8.5%) rose at 9:01 am in the east. It’s not very high in the sky either. You might want to include it in the frame too. Maybe in a pano?

1:00 pm

After a quick stop in the boxes at Hattvika lodge, we arrive at Unstad Arctic Surf for lunch in Unstad, where the menu changes regularly with fresh and local food.

The beautiful white sand covers half of Unstad beach, and big rounded rocks the other half. This place is equally loved by both surfers and photographers!

It’s a fantastic spot to shoot long exposures in the first minutes of the afternoon golden hour. Also, if we decide to stay for Sunset, the Sun is setting right by the cliffs of the tall peaks in the west :)

But our initial idea is to shoot the Sunset in another location that has a stunning view.

Insert your image here

3:00 pm

We arrive at a viewpoint where we’ll enjoy the view over a long fjord. It’s the viewpoint over Sortland & Steinsfjorden. The peaks on both sides perfectly frame the tong of water going inland... and the setting Sun at the horizon next to Hornet peak!

And when the Sun sets, we’ll be ready, with our camera mounted on the tripod, just right at the planned shooting spot.

Sunset is at 4:00 pm, golden hour ends at 4:40pm and blue hour ends at 5:04 pm.

5:45 pm

PhotoPills class with Laura and Marco at Hattvika lodge. Get ready to learn lots of tips that will help you master PhotoPills once and for all :)

7:00 pm

Lunch at a local restaurant.

9:00 pm

Insert your image here

Uttakleiv Beach is characterized by its fine, light-colored sand, contrasted by the dark, jagged rocks that surround the shore.

The beach is flanked by steep mountainous terrain, which provides a dramatic backdrop to the sandy shoreline. To one side of the beach, you'll find a series of boulders and rock formations that offer endless compositional possibilities for landscape photography, and for Aurora photography in particular.

Here, we also find the dragon head (a rock that resembles a head of a dragon) and the dragon’s eye rock pool, a fantastic compositional element to include in the foreground.

As a curiosity, believe it or not, Uttakleiv beach was named Europe’s most romantic beach by The Times in 2005, and the world’s 3rd most beautiful beach by the Sunday Times Travel in 2010.

(Maybe the Sunday Times should visit Menorca, our beautiful island, too :P)

As always, our plan B is to photograph the thin Milky Way and Star Trails… Or to shoot a dramatic nighttime long exposure!

1:00 am

Bed time!

Photographic Pills:

  • Sunrise at Stortinden (if we didn’t photograph the Aurora the night before).
  • Golden hour at Storvatnet lake.
  • Golden hour at Unstad beach.
  • Sunset and Golden hour at the viewpoint over Sortland & Steinsfjorden.
  • Aurora, Milky Way, Star Trails, long exposures and reflections at Uttakleiv Beach.

Day 3. Tuesday, February 13th - The Two Bridges

Insert your image here

6:30 am

Breakfast at Hattvika lodge.

8:00 am

In the municipality of Flakstad, we find the stunning Skagsanden Beach, where the golden sands meet turquoise waters against a backdrop of majestic mountains, creating a scene of unparalleled beauty.

The interplay of light and landscape transforms the beach into a captivating canvas of awe-inspiring experiences.

The Sun will rise soon... And as it rises it will nicely lit the peaks in the background.

It’s time to find our foreground and get ready to shoot a long exposure to turn the moving water and clouds in a silky blanket.

Blue hour begins at 7:33 am, golden hour begins at 7:56 am, Sunrise is at 8:36 am, Moonrise (18%) is at 8:39 am and golden hour ends at 10:29 am.

11:30 am

After the morning shooting, we’ll stop in Leknes to grab lunch for later. And then we’ll go to our lodge and enjoy a bit of well deserved downtime.

2:00 pm

Insert your image here

It’s time to photograph a beautiful bridge and a spectacular super pointy mountain at Sunset.

The Fredvang Bridges are iconic structures, renowned for their stunning and picturesque setting.

The south bridge is called Kubholmleia Bridge and the north bridge is Røssøystraumen Bridge. The length of both bridges is 240 m (787 ft) and the main span is 115 m (377 ft).

These bridges serve as a gateway to breathtaking landscapes, connecting the small village of Fredvang with the neighboring islands.

Set against a backdrop of dramatic mountains, serene fjords, and the clear waters of the Norwegian Sea, the Fredvang Bridges offer a captivating blend of human engineering and natural beauty.

These bridges have become a symbol of the Lofoten Islands, drawing photographers, hikers, and travelers who seek to experience the harmonious convergence of rugged terrain and graceful architecture in this remote and captivating corner of the world.

And we won’t miss the opportunity to photograph them in golden hour, as the Sun is setting in the southwest!

Tip: It’s also a great location for a drone shot.

Right after Sunset, we’ll go to photograph a very special composition. There is a place not far away from where we can photograph a horseshoe bend… or at list kind of!

When the blue hour arrives, we’ll go back to the Fredvang Bridges and photograph the landscapes along with the city lights and the light trails of the cars.

There is a lot to do this afternoon :)

Golden hour begins at 2:12 pm, Sunset is at 4:07 pm, golden hour ends at 4:47 pm and blue hour ends at 5:10 pm.

6:00 pm

If you’re a seafood lover, you’ll love Anita’s!

Maybe some delicious prawns from Lyngenfjorden, juniper smoked salmon or trout, a small taste of smoked whale, delicate sashimi, fresh bread from the bakery at Å? Or simply the most delicious handmade fish burger, topped with whatever you would want?

The options are endless. I hope you’re hungry ;)

The only issue with Anita’s is that they don’t accept bookings. So we’ll play our luck!

7:30 pm

Insert your image here

Nighttime begins at 7:22 pm. The Moon (18.6%) is up in the sky, right at our backs, illuminating the tremendous peak in front of us, the peak behind the picturesque fishing village of Hamnøy.

As always, we’ll aim for the Aurora and the thin Milky Way. Around midnight the thin part of the Milky Way will be at the right place, almost vertical where we want… But if it’s cloudy, shooting a dramatic night long exposure under the Moonlight is going to be a blast too!

1:00 am

Our bed at Hattvika lodge feels so comfortable tonight. It’s been a long day. Rest well my friends, because the adventure continues!

Photographic Pills:

  • Sunrise at Skagsanden Beach (if we didn’t photograph the Aurora the night before).
  • Sunset and golden hour at Fredvang bridges.
  • Golden hour at Horseshoe bend.
  • Blue hour and light trails at Fredvang bridges.
  • Aurora, Milky Way, Star Trails, long exposures and reflections at Hamnøy.

Day 4. Wednesday, February 14th - The Wonders of Hamnøy

Insert your image here

6:00 am

Breakfast at Hattvika lodge.

7:30 am

Hamnøy or Hamnøya is a picturesque fishing village in Moskenes Municipality, on the eastern side of the island of Moskenesøya, celebrated for its postcard-perfect beauty and quintessential Nordic charm.

Set amidst a stunning natural landscape of towering mountains, serene fjords, and crystalline waters, Hamnøy encapsulates the essence of the Lofoten archipelago. The village is characterized by its vibrant red and yellow fisherman's cabins or rorbu, which line the shoreline and add a vivid burst of color against the dramatic backdrop. These traditional cabins, often perched on stilts above the water, are a testament to the area's rich maritime history.

Hamnøy's quaint harbor, surrounded by snow-capped peaks and jagged cliffs, evokes a sense of tranquility and timelessness. Its wooden docks and charming bridges connect the village with a sense of nostalgia and authenticity.

The interplay of light and shadow across the landscape creates ever-changing vistas, making Hamnøy a canvas for stunning photography, especially during the golden hours of Sunrise and Sunset.

Insert your image here

And there we’ll be, at Sunrise, photographing the iconic village.

We’re framing northeast, towards the bridge, the village and the big peak behind it. And the Sun is rising due southeast, bathing the towering mountains with its endless golden light.

At the same time, the Moon (25%) is rising from the east, over the Arctic Ocean.

Blue hour begins at 7:29 am, golden hour begins at 7:52 am, Moonrise (25%) is at 8:17 am, Sunrise is at 8:31 am and golden hour ends at 10:19 am.

9:00 am

At a short walking distance we find Toppøya. From here the composition is different. The view of the landscape and the peaks will surely surprise us.

Insert your image here

11:00 am

Laura and Marco will do a post processing class in a conference room we’ve specially booked for the occasion.

12:00 pm

Back to Anita’s Seafood for lunch!

We can’t get enough.

1:00 pm

Insert your image here

At a short driving distance we find Sakrisøy, a fishing village known for its cluster of distinctive red and yellow fisherman's cabins standing along the shoreline.

Sakrisøy's harbor, with its small boats and fishing paraphernalia, adds to the village's authenticity and offers a glimpse into the daily lives of the local fishermen.

Here we know a few good shooting spots to photograph the cabins and the mountains behind them.

There’s one yellow cabin that is perfectly placed for a super cool composition…

Wait and see!

Insert your image here

2:30 pm

Insert your image here

After a 20-minute hike, we reach the top of a small hill we know. Here we can shoot towards Sakrisøy and towards the village of Reine as the Sun sets at 4:12 pm.

The Reine area hides many, many compositions too. And I love this one of Horn:

Insert your image here

6:00 pm

Downtime at Hattvika lodge.

7:00 pm

Early dinner at a local restaurant.

9:00 pm

Insert your image here

Once again, we’re ready at the planned shooting spot, waiting for the perfect conditions to occur (let’s hope they occur!).

Vikten is a great spot to photograph the northern lights in Lofoten!

Once again, if we’re not lucky with the Aurora, we’ll aim to get some Star Trails and a few dramatic nighttime long exposures.

Check the Moon using PhotoPills. It has a phase of 30% and is above the horizon, right at our back, illuminating the vast beach in front of us.

Truth is that we PhotoPillers love photographing Moonlit seascapes too!

1:00 am

Bed time at Hattvika lodge. Sweet dreams!

Photographic Pills:

  • Sunrise at Hamnøy (if we didn’t photograph the Aurora the night before).
  • Golden hour from Toppøya.
  • Sunset and yellow cabins at Sakrisøy.
  • Golden hour towards Sakrisøy and Reine from a hill.
  • Aurora, Milky Way, Star Trails, long exposures and reflections at Vikten.

Day 5. Thursday, February 15th - The Venice of the North

Insert your image here

6:30 am

Breakfast at Hattvika lodge.

8:00 am

Myrland, a stunning coastal gem, lies just a convenient 30-minute drive from our hotel.

Here, the captivating combination of sand, rugged rocks, the tranquil sea, and majestic mountains awaits, promising to be a visual feast for the senses.

Furthermore, when you introduce the enchanting touch of pristine snow and the warm embrace of the morning's golden light, you'll find yourself armed with all the perfect ingredients to capture a truly spectacular shot!

Also the Moon (35%) is an element to consider in our compositions. Soon it will rise from the east, over the frozen landscapes, in the gap between Veggen and Mannen.

Blue hour begins at 7:26 am, Moonrise (35%) is at 7:45 am, golden hour begins at 7:49 am, Sunrise is at 8:27 am and golden hour ends at 10:15 am.

11:00 am

After grabbing lunch for later at Leknes we’ll enjoy a bit of free (chill) time at Hattvika lodge.

2:30 pm

Insert your image here

Our next stop will be the fishing village of Henningsvær.

Often affectionately referred to as the Venice of the North, Henningsvær’s charm lies in its unique layout, with a collection of islets interconnected by bridges, providing a stunning backdrop for its colorful wooden houses and a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains.

The village, deeply rooted in maritime tradition, echoes with the history of fishing, and you can witness fishing boats returning to the harbor with their daily catches.

Our shooting spot is located by a pier that has an incredible view of the sea, the boats, the colorful cabins and the mountains behind. Also the Sun is going down now, lighting the landscapes from the south as it sets.

Insert your image here

Another option is to walk to the famous football field and fly your drone to capture an aerial view of the iconic village.

Golden hour begins at 2:26 pm, Sunset is at 4:14 pm, golden hour ends at 4:53 pm and blue hour ends at 5:17 pm.

7:00 pm

Dinner at a local restaurant at Leknes to restore our energy before our Aurora photoscape.

9:00 pm

Insert your image here

Based on the cloud and Aurora conditions we’ll decide where to go: Uttakleiv, Haukland or Flakstad (Skagsanden beach).

And if the Aurora is not dancing, as always, we’ll aim for the stars or shoot a few nighttime long exposures under the light of the Moon.

Nighttime begins at 7:28 pm. And ends at 5:11 am.

1:00 am

Bed time at Hattvika lodge.

Tomorrow is the Secret Day…

Surprise, surprise!

Photographic Pills:

  • Sunrise at Myrland beach (if we didn’t photograph the Aurora the night before).
  • Sunset at Henningsvær (optional drone shot).
  • Aurora, Milky Way, Star Trails, long exposures and reflections at Uttakleiv, Haukland or Flakstad (Skagsanden beach).

Day 6. Friday, February 16th - The Secret

Insert your image here

I’ve been giving you lots of details of this amazing expedition to the Lofoten Islands.

Maybe far too many...

But on February 16th we’ll do something completely different…

What will that be?

Well, you'll have to be there, with us, to figure it out :P

Day 7. Saturday, February 17th - The Farewell

Insert your image here

6:00 am

Breakfast at Hattvika lodge and checkout.

7:30 am

Today is our last day in Lofoten… And there is one last shot we want to capture before heading to the airport :)

Situated against a backdrop of steep mountains and open sea, the little fishing village of Sund offers breathtaking natural landscapes.

The village is surrounded by rugged terrain that meets the water's edge, with traditional red and yellow fishermen's cabins (called rorbuer) adding a splash of color to the landscape. These rorbuer often stand on stilts and line the water, offering a picturesque view that seems to leap straight out of a postcard.

According to PhotoPills, as the Sun rises in the southeast, the peaks in front of us will be lit from the side filling them with volume and texture.

The goal here is to photograph during the golden hour until Sunrise.

We’ll spend a few hours shooting here during the golden hour until well past Sunrise before heading to the airport.

Blue hour begins at 7:18 am, golden hour begins at 7:41 am, Sunrise is at 8:18 am and golden hour ends at 10:00 am.

Today, the Moon (57.5%) won’t set. It’ll always be above the horizon. It’s a circumpolar Moon!

Insert your image here

10:15 am

We arrive at Leknes airport...

Thank you Lofoten Islands, we'll be back!

And see you soon my friends!

Life goes on...

Book now and save €500

To book your spot to join the expedition to the Lofoten Islands at a reduced price of €5,500 (the official price is €6,000), a €1,000 deposit is required by Sunday, December 24th.

Payment in full is required by January 21st, 2024.

Please, finalize your booking as soon as possible. The seats are sold on a first come, first served basis.


What’s included in the price
  • PhotoPills Welcome pack.
  • A 7-day expedition photographing the Lofoten Islands with the Winter’s long lasting Golden Light and the Aurora Borealis.
  • 7 days of learning, fun and adventure with Laura Oppelt, Marco Grassi and the funniest geek community – the PhotoPillers.
  • Full immersion in the PhotoPills method (Imagine.Plan.Shoot!).
  • 6 nights of lodging sharing a traditional fisherman cottage (rorbu) with a few other PhotoPillers. You’ll enjoy your own private room and share the bathroom (1 bathroom for 2 PhotoPillers) and living room area.
  • The activities on the Secret Day.
  • Beakfast.
  • Ground transportation during the expedition.
  • All permits and passes.
  • All transfers.
What’s not included
  • Flights to/from the Lofoten Islands.
  • Tourist visa (if necessary).
  • International medical and travel insurance coverage (strongly recommended).
  • Lunch & dinner.
  • Snacks, alcohol and beverages.
  • Anything not mentioned in the “included” list.

Do you want an example of how huge this will be?

This is a glimpse to what happened in the 2016 PhotoPills Expedition to Iceland. We had so many adventures and so much fun... We can’t wait for Lofoten!

But you don’t have to take our word for granted. Here’s what some PhotoPillers say about the PhotoPills adventures:

“I went to Iceland expecting to have the opportunity to photograph the marvelous landscape and master nightscapes. What I encountered was so much more – 14 kindred souls from across the globe who share a passion for photography. Together we expanded our creative boundaries, learned from one another and had an insane amount of fun in the process. I am confident that everyone came away from the experience a better photographer.”

“From the very moment the guys from PhotoPills announced the expedition to Iceland... I didn’t think it twice! I was using PhotoPills but not at its full capacity, so I had no better chance to learn from the creators of this amazing app. The experience was even more amazing than anything I could have imagined. In Iceland, I discovered a bunch of folks as crazy about photography as I am. I had a blast!

Photography is a continuous learning process, you always find something new that motivates you to improve. And this adventure made me improve more than I could imagine.”

"The PhotoPills guys know how to create a fantastic experience. They bring an infectiously fun energy and are always willing to drop some handy photography knowledge on you that you will take with you. You take their trip and you'll for sure have a good time, get some amazing pics and leave a better photographer."

“During my experience in Iceland I lived wonderful moments and had surprises that were beyond the expected. It completely exceeded my initial expectations! Sharing knowledge, experiences and ways of working and living photography with such a great group has been one of the most enriching life experiences I have ever had.

Who he said that learning and knowledge sharing can not be wonderfully fun?”

“I can't say enough about what a fantastic time I had during the PhotoPills Iceland photo tour! The guys from PhotoPills and Donal Boyd were so knowledgeable, accommodating, and especially lots of fun. Never a dull moment – nonstop action and shooting of amazing landscapes for 10 days. I came away with enough images and memories to last a lifetime!”


What’s the temperature in the Lofoten Islands in February?

It’s winter and it’s going to be cold.

The average temperature is between 1ºC (33ºF) and -3ºC (27ºF). The mountains and hillsides can get covered in a white blanket of snow, creating a picturesque winter scenery.

It’s key to wear different layers of clothing (base, middle and shell layers) to be able to adapt to any temperature change, snow and rain.

What do you recommend I bring along for the expedition?

Your sense of adventure and fun, your camera and of course your sense of humor.

Besides that? We’ll send you an Information Package that will give you further details and suggestions about what to bring (gear, clothing, etc.).

Is travel insurance included in the price of the expedition?

No. Participants are suggested to purchase national or international medical and travel insurance coverage.

Also, we recommend you to choose a travel insurance that:

  • Covers trip cancellation costs.
  • Covers Covid-19 health, travel and cancellation costs.

What is the cancellation policy?

We hope you don’t need to cancel your spot, but if a situation arises where you don’t have a choice, our cancellation policy is the following.

If you cancel and the expedition is otherwise filled, we'll refund you the full booking fee you have paid, minus a €300 administrative fee, and the non-refundable costs that are withheld by our travel partners.

If you cancel and the expedition doesn’t fill, then you’ll be refunded according to the following schedule, based on the full fee of the expedition:

  • 91 days or more before the expedition: 100% refund, minus the deposit payment and the non-refundable costs that are withheld by our travel partners.
  • 90 days or less before the expedition: No refunds will be given.

Refunds will be paid using the same original method of payment.

Credits: All images by Marco Grassi, Laura Oppelt and Antoni Cladera.

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