The PhotoPills Expedition to the South Coast of Iceland is Sold Out (Join the Waiting List)

By Rafael Pons

The PhotoPills Expedition to Iceland (South) is SOLD OUT!


All 12 spots are already gone!

Thanks so much :D

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We’re going to Iceland (South)...

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Around the New Moon...

From October 27th to November 2nd 2024, Clément Coudeyre, Felix Inden and Oli Haukur (PhotoPills Masters) will be traveling across the south coast of Iceland to photograph the Aurora Borealis and the magical Autumn’s Golden Light along with some of the treasures hidden in this North Atlantic paradise...

Right when the Sun is in the period of solar maximum, which means we will be more likely to see and photograph the dancing green lights of the Aurora!

Of course...

We’ll be taking photos all day long...

In Autumn, the total Golden Hour time exceeds the 3 hours per day in Iceland!


Can you imagine it?

To photograph the Aurora Borealis and Autumn’s Golden Light with infinite waterfalls, shiny ice caves, deep canyons, large lava fields, black sand beaches, majestic glaciers, strange rock formations, sturdy horses, natural arches and the always fascinating beach diamonds...

We’re dreaming about it!

To achieve it, we’ll use the planning power of PhotoPills and the expert knowledge of Clément Coudeyre, Felix Inden and Oli Haukur to always be at the right place at the right time.

Top secret: we have quite a few legendary photos planned already...

The Deal (only 1 spot left)

Since you subscribed to the Priority Access list...

We're offering you a €500 discount on the regular price!

All you have to do is to book the last spot available before Sunday May 12th.

Read carefully all the details of this unique adventure.

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Please, book as soon as possible. The seats are sold on a first come, first served basis.

The Adventure

12 PhotoPillers | 3 PhotoPills Masters | Iceland | Endless legendary photos

Insert your image here

Warning! This is not a honeymoon...

We’re recruiting 12 brave PhotoPillers (PhotoPills and photography nerds) to join us on a 7-day expedition to photograph the Aurora Borealis and the magical Autumn’s Golden Light along with some of the most precious treasures hidden in the beautiful south coast of Iceland...

Winter is coming...

It can snow, it can be windy and It can be cold!

The average temperature is usually between 10ºC (50ºF) and -2ºC (28ºF).


The Sun is in the period of solar maximum, which means we will be more likely to see and photograph the dancing green lights of the Aurora!

And the golden hour lasts for more than 3 hours per day.


This is a non-stop adventure to chase legendary photos and you are a key asset!

We have planned tons of photos, and we’ll travel many kilometers to capture them...

But we also want to maximize our flexibility in terms of itinerary and schedule in order to take advantage of all the opportunities that the changing weather will surely put in our way.

If we're fortunate enough to be out photographing the Aurora at night and it takes us into the late hours, we'll take a little extra sleep the next morning, skip Sunrise and kick start our day a bit later.

On the other hand, if the conditions make us skip the nighttime photography session, we'll rise and shine early to catch the Sunrise.

Whichever path we take, you can count on us to seize every photo opportunity and be right where the magic happens!

You are about to embark on a PhotoPills’ style journey. And it’s not going to be a honeymoon precisely... :P

You’ll be a true photographer!

Are you in?

Day 1. Sunday, October 27th - Welcome to Iceland

Insert your image here

It’s Sunday morning...

And you land at Keflavík International Airport located 50 km (30 mi) southwest of Reykjavík, where it all begins.

Located in southwestern Iceland, on the southern shore of Faxaflói bay, Reykjavík has a population of around 132,000, which is more than half of Iceland’s total population (233,000).

There are lots of fascinating facts about the capital of Iceland.

Just to mention 2...

Reykjavík literally translates into “Smoky Bay”, a name inspired by the steam rising from the hot springs in the area.

Also, believe it or not, UNESCO designated Reykjavík as a City of Literature in 2011 because 1 out of every 10 Icelanders will write a book (at least once in their lifetime), becoming the people publishing more books per capita in the world.

Oh! And Reykjavík hides lots of photo opportunities.

2:00 pm

After a 50-minute ride on the Airport Fly Bus (taking a taxi is another good option), you get to our comfortable hotel in Reykjavík, Fosshotel Reykjavík, located right at the heart of the city, just 200 m from Laugavegur, one of the main commercial streets.

Check in and a bit of down time...

It’s always good to relax a bit before the true action begins.

3:15 pm

Expedition Briefing and PhotoPills Class with Clément, Felix and Oli.

It’s time to get to know each other better, learn more about the adventure and learn how to photograph the Aurora!

Ah! And most importantly...

I hope you learn how to use PhotoPills to plan your photos once and for all!

4:45 pm

Insert your image here

The plan is to go explore the beautiful city center and photograph a few iconic buildings and monuments before dinner. Buildings like the spectacular lutheran church of Hallgrímskirkja (74.5 m or 244 ft), the Harpa Concert Hall, and the sculpture of the Sun Voyager (Sólfarið).

Golden hour begins at 4:05 pm, Sunset is at 5:25 pm, golden hour ends at 5:57 pm and blue hour ends at 6:18 pm.

Insert your image here

7:00 pm

We’ve booked a tasty restaurant we love for our first dinner together.

A place where you can have a taste of the local cuisine if you wish (lamb, fish, fermented shark...).

Do you dare?

9:00 pm

Insert your image here

Nighttime begins at 8:08 pm.

What comes next will depend on the Aurora Borealis of course.

If the Aurora is dancing in Reykjavík, we’ll walk by the shore to photograph it!

Otherwise, we’ll make the wise choice to go to bed and rest... Because the adventure that’s about to begin will require all our energy and the best of our creativity.

12:00 am

Bed time!

Tomorrow we’re going east.

Photographic pills:

  • Street photography in Reykjavík.
  • Sunset, golden hour and blue hour with Hallgrímskirkja, Sun Voyager and Harpa Concert Hall.
  • Aurora borealis in Reykjavík (if clear skies and aurora activity).

Day 2. Monday, October 28th - The Land of Waterfalls

Insert your image here

7:30 am

Wake up!

I hope you had a good sleep, because today we have a long long day exploring the wonders of the South Coast...

8:00 am

Great breakfast at the Fosshotel Reykjavík and on the road.

We’re heading east!

In this adventure we’ll be traveling in a comfortable winter modified 17-seater vehicle with all we need to explore the wilderness of south Iceland.

11:00 am

Insert your image here

After a 2-hour drive, we get to our first shooting spot, the beautiful waterfall of Seljalandsfoss (“Selling the Land of Waterfalls” in English).

Seljalandsfoss is located on the Seljalands river, which flows from the nearby Eyjafjallajökull glacier. The waterfall is 60 m (200 ft) tall and has a wide, curved cascade that falls over the edge of a cliff.

The unique feature of Seljalandsfoss is that we can walk behind the waterfall, allowing us to experience its power and beauty from a different perspective. The surrounding landscape is also beautiful, with green hills and a rocky riverbed that adds to the waterfall's natural beauty.

We’ll enjoy 1.5 h here taking long exposures of the cold falling water.

1:00 pm

Lunch at the restaurant at Skogafoss.

2:00 pm

Insert your image here

We find Skógafoss near the town of Skógar. It’s one of the country's most famous and popular waterfalls, due to its impressive size and its unique location.

The waterfall is located on the Skógá river, which flows from the glaciers of the Mýrdalsjökull ice cap. It’s approximately 60 m (200 ft) tall and 25 m (82 ft) wide, and is renowned for its sheer size and power.

Skógafoss is also known for the rainbow that can often be seen in the mist of the falls, adding to its beauty and appeal.

Insert your image here

4:00 pm

We arrive at Dyrhólaey.

The peninsula is home to a number of interesting geological features, such as towering cliffs, rocky sea stacks, and natural arches. The most famous of these is a large arch, known as Dyrhólaeyjarbakki, which stands at the southernmost tip of the peninsula.

Insert your image here

Dyrhólaey is also home to a large number of seabirds, including puffins, which nest in the cliffs and can be seen in large numbers during the summer months (not in autumn or winter unfortunately).

We’ll photograph the sea stacks, the natural arch and the black beach till Sunset.

So open PhotoPills, and check where the Sun is setting before you choose your shooting spot!

Golden hour begins at 3:57 pm, Sunset is at 5:15 pm, golden hour ends at 5:46 pm and blue hour ends at 6:05 pm.

Insert your first screenshot here
Insert your second screenshot here

6:30 pm

Check in at our comfortable hotel in the small town of Vik: Hotel Kría.

Vik is a small town located in the southern region of Iceland, on the shore of the North Atlantic Ocean. It’s the southernmost town in the country, and is known for its rugged, windswept landscape and black sandy beaches.

It’s located on a rocky headland, and is surrounded by high cliffs, which offer stunning views of the ocean and the surrounding countryside. The town is home to a number of historic buildings, including the St. Nicholas Church, which was built in the early 20th century, and the Reyniskirkja, a 19th-century stone church.

7:00 pm

Dinner at the Hotel Kría’s restaurant.

8:00 pm

Insert your image here

The Moon (12%) will be below the horizon...

And Vik and its surroundings are one of the best locations in Iceland to photograph the auroras.

So if clouds cooperate and the Aurora is active, there we’ll be, at the right shooting spot, photographing the dancing show.

And if there are no clouds and no Aurora, then we’ll photograph the cliffs and Vik Basalt Stacks (Reynisdrangar) under the thin part of the Milky Way

To be more precise, at 8:24 pm the Milky Way will be pretty vertical and aligned with the famous sea stacks

And if clouds don’t cooperate, we’ll go back to the hotel and rest.

10:00 pm

It’s been a long long day of photography. And many more will follow.

Sleep well!

Photographic pills:

  • Morning photos at Seljalandsfoss waterfall.
  • Midday photos of Skogafoss waterfall (chasing the rainbow).
  • Sunset, golden hour and blue hour at Dyrhólaey.
  • Aurora, Milky Way and Star Trails at Reynisdrangar (if clear skies and aurora activity).

Day 3. Tuesday, October 29th - The Sea Stacks

Insert your image here

7:00 am

Early breakfast at the hotel. Our journey east continues :)

8:00 am

Our Sunrise shooting spot is located at the black sand beach of Reynisfjara.

Be very careful here, the waves are treacherous and can drag you into the ocean for never to be seen again!

Long ago, fiery volcanoes formed Reynisdrangar. Over countless seasons, the relentless wind, downpours, and ocean waves chiseled away at Reynisfjall Mountain until just the towering pillars, reaching 65 m (216 ft) tall, were left standing alone in the chilly North Atlantic waters.

Reynisfjall itself stretches up to 340 m (1115 ft). These natural towers have been standing since the second-to-last Ice Age, which happened between 135,000 and 194,000 years ago—imagine that, Reynisdrangar is ancient!

Check PhotoPills and you’ll discover that, at 8:47 am, the Sun will be rising next to the basalt sea stacks.

So get your cameras ready for an epic sunrise.

Plan & Pray!

Blue hour begins at 7:56 am, golden hour begins at 8:15 am, Sunrise is at 8:47 am and golden hour ends at 10:06 am.

Insert your image here

11: 30 am

We arrive at the wonderful Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon.

Fjaðrárgljúfur is a stunning canyon located near the town of Kirkjubæjarklaustur. The canyon was formed over thousands of years by the Fjaðrá river, which flows through it, carving out a deep and narrow gorge in the surrounding landscape.

Its walls are up to 100 m (328 ft) high in some places, and are made up of stunningly sheer, vertical cliffs.

The canyon is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, including numerous species of birds, such as the Arctic tern, the ptarmigan, and the great northern diver.

The idea here is to hike along the canyon looking for great compositions.

The one with the best compo wins a prize ;)

Insert your image here

1:00 pm

Lunch at a local restaurant.

4:00 pm

Jökulsárlón is a glacial lagoon situated at the base of the Vatnajökull glacier, the largest glacier in Europe. The lagoon was formed over many years as the glacier slowly melted, creating a large body of water filled with floating icebergs.

The area is also home to a large number of seals, which can often be seen swimming in the lagoon or resting on the icebergs. It’s a great place to experience the stunning beauty of Iceland's natural landscape and wildlife.

The idea is to photograph Sunset here.

Golden hour begins at 3:34 pm, Sunset is at 4:56 pm, golden hour ends at 5:29 pm and blue hour ends at 5:48 pm.

Insert your image here

6:30 pm

Check in at Holel Hali.

7:00 pm

Dinner at Holel Hali.

8:00 pm

Insert your image here

Based on weather conditions we’ll choose our location. It could be Jökulsárlón or it could be any other cool location nearby.

If there is a clearing in the clouds, we’ll go where it is to photograph the Aurora (if it’s active) or the stars.

Otherwise, we’ll go to bed and save our energy for Sunrise.

10:00 pm

Time to go to bed...

Photographic pills:

  • Sunrise, golden hour and blue hour at beach of Reynisfjara
  • Midday photos at Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon.
  • Sunset, golden hour and blue hour at Jökulsárlón.
  • Aurora and stars at Jökulsárlón (if clear skies and aurora activity).

Day 4. Wednesday, October 30th - Diamonds on the Beach

Insert your image here

7:00 am

Early breakfast and we hit the road... Diamonds await us on a black-sand beach.

8: 00 am

Diamond Beach is a stretch of black sand beach by Jökulsárlón. It gets its name from the many small pieces of ice that wash up on the shore, which sparkle in the Sunlight and resemble diamonds. These pieces of ice are broken off from the nearby Vatnajökull glacier and are carried out to the sea by the ocean currents.

The beach is a fantastic spot for photography, as the contrast between the black sand and the sparkling ice creates a unique and striking visual effect.

“The ice diamonds on the beach sparkle like jewels,
Reflecting the light with a dazzling sheen.
Their frozen beauty belies their strength,
A reminder of the power of nature's reign.

These glistening gems of ice,
Washed ashore by the ocean's might,
Lie scattered upon the black sand,
A sight to behold, both rare and grand.

As the Sun beats down, they melt away,
Their fleeting presence a reminder to stay,
In awe of the world and its stunning design,
The ice diamonds on the beach, a treasure divine.”

Insert your image here

Look! The sky is catching color. The Sun is about to rise. Let the show begin!

Blue hour begins at 7:50 am, golden hour begins at 8:09 am, Sunrise is at 8:42 am and golden hour ends at 10:06 am.

11:30 pm

Early lunch at Höfn.

Höfn is a cute fishing town situated on the edge of the Vatnajökull glacier, the largest glacier in Europe.

The town is known for its picturesque harbor, which is surrounded by mountains and offers beautiful views of the surrounding landscape.

It’s also known for its seafood, particularly its lobster, which is considered to be some of the best in the world.

1:30 pm

Insert your image here

Located in the Vatnajökull National Park, Eystrahorn is a majestic mountain (756 m, 2480 ft) known for its scenic beauty.

The mountain has a steep and rugged peak that rises above the surrounding landscape, making it a striking subject for photography.

It’s also home to a variety of flora and fauna, including snow-capped glaciers, alpine meadows, and dense forests, which provide a rich and diverse range of photographic opportunities.

We’ll spend a few hours here taking photos non-stop!

3:30 pm

Insert your image here

Stokksnes is home to a variety of flora and fauna, including black sand beaches, dunes, and wetlands, which provide a rich and diverse range of photographic opportunities.

But the main attraction here is without a doubt the magnificent Vestrahorn mountain (454m, 1490 ft).

The mountain rises steeply from the peninsula's shoreline and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

It’s our job to use PhotoPills to understand where the Sun is setting... and thus pick our shooting spots based on the composition we want.

Look at the app, the Sun will set (4:47 pm) behind our backs, casting light on the majestic mountain in front of us. This is going to be fun.

This place literally hides hundreds of photo opportunities. Let’s find them... and capture them.

Golden hour begins at 3:23 pm, Sunset is at 4:47 pm, golden hour ends at 5:21 pm and blue hour ends at 5:41 pm.

Insert your image here

6:00 pm

If the forecast for the Aurora is promising for the night, we’ll go have dinner at Höfn and come back to Stokksnes to photograph the dancing show.

On the contrary... if Clouds are against us, we’ll go black to our hotel for dinner and an editing class with Clément, Felix and Oli.

Whatever path life takes us, we’ll make it fun!

Insert your image here

10:00 pm

It’s been a very special day. Today we got to capture two of Iceland's most iconic locations. I’m sure you’ll sleep very well tonight.

Photographic pills:

  • Sunrise, golden hour and blue hour at Diamond Beach.
  • Afternoon photos with Eystrahorn.
  • Sunset, golden hour and blue hour at Stokksnes (Vestrahorn mountain).
  • Aurora borealis and stars at Stokksnes (if clear skies and aurora activity).

Day 5. Thursday, October 31st - The Secret

Insert your image here

I’ve been giving you lots of details of this amazing expedition to Iceland.

Maybe far too many...

But on October 31st we’ll do something very special...

What will that be?

Well, you'll have to be there, with us, to figure it out :P

Day 6. Friday, November 1st - The Alignment

Insert your image here

7:00 am

Breakfast and early check out!

8:00 am

We’re back to the diamond beach for our second sunrise attempt. Truth is one can never get tired of photographing it!

Blue hour begins at 7:55 am, golden hour begins at 8:15 am, Sunrise is at 8:48 am and golden hour ends at 10:14 am.

Insert your image here

11:30 am

Svartifoss, known as the 'Black Waterfall', is a unique and captivating sight in Skaftafell nature reserve.

This waterfall is famed for its striking basalt columns that resemble a pipe organ, which frame the cascading waters and give Svartifoss its distinctive appearance.

These hexagonal columns were formed from cooling lava, which contracted and shaped into these remarkable patterns.

The contrast of the dark columns against the white froth of the falling water creates a breathtaking natural artwork, making Svartifoss a must-see destination for PhotoPillers.

It's a 1.5h hike to Svartifoss.

Insert your image here

1:15 pm

Lunch at a local restaurant.

4:00 pm

We find ourselves back to Vík, on the black sand beach across the street, using PhotoPills to finetune our Sun Alignment plan for Sunset.

The view of the sea stacks from here is stunning. At at about 4:47 pm the Sun will be perfectly aligned with the rock formations.

So cool!

Golden hour begins at 3:39 pm, Sunset is at 5:01 pm, golden hour ends at 5:34 pm and blue hour ends at 5:53 pm.

Insert your image here

6:00 pm

Check in at Hotel Kría.

7:00 pm

Dinner at our hotel.

8:00 pm

It’s our last night in Iceland. And thus, it’s our last chance to photograph the northern lights.

And we’ll be there, at the planned shooting spot, patiently waiting for the dancing beams to perform their show.

10:00 pm

Our Iceland adventure will end soon... But not quite yet!

One more sunrise awaits!

Photographic pills:

  • Sunrise, golden hour and blue hour at Diamond Beach.
  • Morning photos with Svartifoss.
  • Sunset, golden hour and blue hour at the black beach of Vík.
  • Aurora borealis and stars at the black beach of Vík (if clear skies and aurora activity).

Day 7. Saturday, November 2nd - The Farewell

Insert your image here

7:00 am

Do you have energy for one last Sunrise in Iceland?

Yes, of course. You’re PhotoPillers after all... We never miss a good shot! :P

The Sun rises on the Black Sand Beach. Despite the fact that we've been photographing this magical place a few times this week, it always looks different.

And as always, we’ll be there at the planned shooting spot, patiently awaiting for the action to begin.

Blue hour begins at 8:07 am, golden hour begins at 8:27 am, Sunrise is at 8:59 am and golden hour ends at 10:23 am.

Insert your image here

11:30 am

And there is always time for one last waterfall, right?

Kvernufoss is a stunningly secluded waterfall nestled in the south of Iceland, near the more famous Skógafoss.

This hidden gem cascades gracefully from a height of about 30 m (98 ft) into a serene pool below.

The waterfall is surrounded by lush greenery and dramatic cliffs, offering a picturesque backdrop that is less frequented by tourists.

And we can even walk behind the waterfall's veil!

Insert your image here

1:00 pm

Lunch at a local restaurant.

3:00 pm

It’s time to start our journey back to Reykjavik. It’s a 2.5 hours drive, so relax and enjoy the ride.

5:30 pm

We’ll drop you off at your desired hotel or at the flybus station if you’re going to the airport.

Until next time, farewell!

Book now and save €500 (only 1 spot left)

To book your spot to join the expedition to Iceland at a reduced price of €5,200 (the official price is €5,700), a €1,000 deposit is required by Sunday May 12th.

Payment in full is required by July 7th, 2024.

Please, finalize your booking as soon as possible. The seats are sold on a first come, first served basis.


What’s included in the price
  • PhotoPills Welcome pack.
  • A 7-day expedition photographing Iceland’s most iconic features along with the Aurora Borealis and the Autumn’s Golden Light.
  • 7 days of learning, fun and adventure with Clément Coudeyre, Felix Inden, Oli Haukur (PhotoPills Master) and the funniest geek community – the PhotoPillers.
  • Full immersion in the PhotoPills method (Imagine.Plan.Shoot!).
  • 6 nights of lodging, sharing a double room with another PhotoPiller (Optional €750 single room supplement upon availability).
  • All breakfasts.
  • All activities on the Secret day.
  • Ground transportation during the expedition.
  • All transfers.
What’s not included
  • Flights/transport to Reykjavík, Iceland.
  • Airport Flybus or taxi.
  • Medical and travel insurance coverage (strongly recommended).
  • Lunch & dinner.
  • Snacks, alcohol and beverages.
  • Visa.
  • Anything not mentioned in the “included” list.

Do you want an example of how huge this will be?

This is a glimpse to what happened in the 2016 PhotoPills Expedition to Iceland. We had so many adventures and so much fun... We can’t wait to go back in Autumn 2024!

But you don’t have to take our word for granted. Here’s what some PhotoPillers say about the PhotoPills adventures:

“I went to Iceland expecting to have the opportunity to photograph the marvelous landscape and master nightscapes. What I encountered was so much more – 14 kindred souls from across the globe who share a passion for photography. Together we expanded our creative boundaries, learned from one another and had an insane amount of fun in the process. I am confident that everyone came away from the experience a better photographer.”

“From the very moment the guys from PhotoPills announced the expedition to Iceland... I didn’t think it twice! I was using PhotoPills but not at its full capacity, so I had no better chance to learn from the creators of this amazing app. The experience was even more amazing than anything I could have imagined. In Iceland, I discovered a bunch of folks as crazy about photography as I am. I had a blast!

Photography is a continuous learning process, you always find something new that motivates you to improve. And this adventure made me improve more than I could imagine.”

"The PhotoPills guys know how to create a fantastic experience. They bring an infectiously fun energy and are always willing to drop some handy photography knowledge on you that you will take with you. You take their trip and you'll for sure have a good time, get some amazing pics and leave a better photographer."

“During my experience in Iceland I lived wonderful moments and had surprises that were beyond the expected. It completely exceeded my initial expectations! Sharing knowledge, experiences and ways of working and living photography with such a great group has been one of the most enriching life experiences I have ever had.

Who he said that learning and knowledge sharing can not be wonderfully fun?”

“I can't say enough about what a fantastic time I had during the PhotoPills Iceland photo tour! The guys from PhotoPills and Donal Boyd were so knowledgeable, accommodating, and especially lots of fun. Never a dull moment – nonstop action and shooting of amazing landscapes for 10 days. I came away with enough images and memories to last a lifetime!"


What’s the temperature in Iceland in October-November?

The weather on the South Coast of Iceland in October and November can be quite unpredictable and is characterized by rapidly changing conditions.

In October, the average temperatures typically range from about 2°C to 10°C (36°F to 50°F). As you move into November, the weather gets colder, with temperatures often ranging from -2°C to 5°C (28°F to 41°F).

During these months, the region experiences increased rainfall and possibly snow as winter approaches.

It’s key to wear in layers :)

What do you recommend I bring along for the expedition?

Your sense of adventure and fun, your camera and your sense of humor, of course.

Besides that? When you book your seat, we’ll send you an Information Package that will give you further details and suggestions about what to bring (gear, clothing, etc.).

Is travel insurance included in the price of the expedition?

No. Participants are suggested to purchase national or international medical and travel insurance coverage.

Also, we recommend you to choose a travel insurance that:

  • Covers trip cancellation costs.
  • Covers Covid-19 health, travel and cancellation costs.

What is the cancellation policy?

We hope you don’t need to cancel your spot, but if a situation arises where you don’t have a choice, our cancellation policy is the following.

If you cancel and the expedition is otherwise filled, we'll refund you the full booking fee you have paid, minus a €300 administrative fee.

If you cancel and the expedition doesn’t fill, then you’ll be refunded according to the following schedule, based on the full fee of the expedition:

  • 91 days or more before the expedition: 100% refund, minus the deposit payment and the non-refundable costs that are withheld by our travel partners.
  • 90 days or less before the expedition: No refunds will be given.

Refunds will be paid using the same original method of payment.

Credits: Images by Oli Haukur and Clément Coudeyre.

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