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PhotoPills is your personal assistant in all photographic matters. It provides tasty remedies to help professionals and amateurs answer most of the questions when planning and shooting landscapes.

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How it works

Have you ever walked through a place and thought: "It's too bad the moon isn't RIGHT there... would have made a great photo!"? What about the sun? Keep reading, you're about to discover the unique way to easily calculate the exact date and time the sun and the moon will be where you desire, for any location on Earth… Systematically!

  1. Imagine

    Decide where you want the sun and moon to be

  2. Plan

    Get all dates and times it occurs in a table, work smarter!

  3. Shoot

    Live and capture unique moments

Manage your plans

Put all your ideas into a To-Do list of planned photos and enjoy shooting unique images every time you pick up the camera.

Augmented reality

The 3D Augmente Reality views are wonderful tools to help you plan the paths of sun, moon and Milky Way when scouting a potential photo, film or time-lapse location.

Move around

Build your own database of locations. If you walk through a place you’d like to remember, use PhotoPills to save it as a Point of Interest. Add photos and notes describing your shooting ideas.

Exclusive free bonus

  1. 10,500 Points of Interest

    Waterfalls, castles, abandoned places, monuments...Travel and discover new places with our database of more than 10,500 Points of Interest all around the world linked into Wikipedia.

  2. Spot Stars Calculator

    Want to take a photo of the Milky Way? Calculate the maximum exposure time to get stars as bright spots.

  3. Star Trails Simulator

    Long exposure photos of circumpolar stars are awesome. Make your own simulations of star trails. Preview how stars rotate and the angle they describe in a given exposure time.

  4. FoV Augmented Reality

    Preview your frame before you take the camera out of the bag using the Augmented Reality view of our FoV calculator.

  5. DoF Augmented Reality

    Visualize where to focus! Let's say you’re done with all DoF calculations. Great! You got the numbers... but how do you know where to focus exactly? The Augmented Reality view of our DoF calculator will allow you to see where to focus to get the sharpness you want.

  6. Hyperfocal Table

    The fastest way to have your hyperfocal calculations done. Visualize how hyperfocal distance changes with aperture and focal length. Quickly understand the relations among aperture, focal length and hyperfocal distance.

  7. Focal Length Match Calculator

    Compute the equivalent lens focal length to produce the same field of view between two cameras with different sensor sizes.

  8. Subject Distance Calculator

    Make sure your subject fits in your frame. Calculate the minimum distance between your lens and the subject to capture it.

  9. Time lapse interval table

    Preparing your time-lapse in advance is an obligation, but what interval should you use? We help you to figure out the most common intervals.

  10. And there's still more to discover inside

    There is not enough room here to explain all what PhotoPills can do. You'll need to figure it out!

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