Sailing in Antarctica to Photograph Icebergs and Penguins with Marco Grassi

Join the adventure to sail up and down Antarctica with Marco Grassi to photograph the golden light along with giant icy cliffs, spiky blue icebergs, dramatic seascapes, frozen landscapes, polar volcanos, whales (humpbacks, fin), killer (orcas), seals (weddell, crab eater, leopard), penguins (Adélie, gentoo, chinstrap) and lots of birds (skua, antarctic tern, petrel)...

Time Index

00:00 The drama before the expedition
06:23 The Antarctica expedition
07:22 Day 1
13:04 Day 2
16:24 Day 3
20:44 Day 4
24:45 Day 5
26:32 Day 6
28:34 Day 7
30:45 Day 8
35:14 Day 9
39:20 Day 10&11
43:05 Day 12
49:30 Day 13
51:50 Day 14
53:33 Q&A
1:36:52 Final words

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