Plan 8. Sun and Moon rising aligned with the Giant and the Witch, Faroe Islands

During the PhotoPills Expedition to the Faroe Islands, I came with the idea of photographing the Sun (and the Moon) aligned with Risin og Kellingin (the Giant and the Witch), two amazing sea stacks. What do you think? Is it possible? Will it happen? ¡Let’s figure it out! ¡Let’s plan the two photos with PhotoPills!

When it comes to Sunrise photography, Sunset photography and also Moon photography. PhotoPills is a great sunrise app, sunset app and moon app that helps you plan your Sun and Moon photos ahead of time.

This is how it works:

00:00 Introduction
03:01 Step 1 Place Red Pin on the Shooting Spot
04:28 Step 2 Place Black Pin where you want the Sun or Moon to be
05:22 Step 3 Tap on Find, Choose Sun and Set the Date Range
06:25 Step 4 Set the Azimuth of the Sun
07:19 Step 5 Set the Elevation of the Sun
08:06 Step 6 Tap on Search to get al possible Shooting Dates
11:08 Step 7 Planning the Moon
15:57 Final words
17:11 Faroe Islands Highlights

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