Plan 4. Sun setting through North Window and Turret Arch, Arches National Park (USA)

Imagine a photo of the Sun setting through two of the most stunning natural arches on the planet, the North Window and Turret Arch, in Arches National Park (Utah, USA)…

Is it possible? Will it happen? Let’s figure it out! Let’s plan it with PhotoPills!

PhotoPills is your Sunset app, and Sunrise app. Use it to find the Sun and plan cool Sunrise and Sunset photos. 

Time Index

00:00 Introduction
01:23 Step 1 Place the Red Pin in the shooting spot
03:15 Step 2 Place Black Pin where you want the Sun to be
04:28 Step 3 Tap Find, choose Sun and set the date range
05:54 Step 4 Set the azimuth of the Sun
06:52 Step 5 Set the alevation of the Sun
08:15 Step 6 Tap on Search to get all possible dates
10:36 Final words

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