Plan 2. Supermoon rising behind our favorite stone hut in Punta Nati, Menorca (Spain)

Imagine a photo of the February 19th 21 2019 Supermoon rising just behind our favorite stone hut in Punta Nati, Menorca (Spain)...

Is it possible? Will it happen? Let’s figure it out! Let’s plan it with PhotoPills!

PhotoPills is a Moon app, a Moon finder app, a Moon phase app, a Moon calendar app, a Moon tracker app, a Moon location app, a Full Moon app and a Moon direction app. Take advantage of it for your Moon photography!

Time Index

00:00 Introduction
01:53 Step 1 Place the Red Pin in the location
02:51 Step 2 Set the date of the Supermoon
04:44 Step 3 Place the Black Pin on the hut
06:06 Step 4 Place Red Pin so the Supermoon rises next to the hut
07:25 Step 5 Place Red Pin at the right shooting distance
10:08 Step 6 Figure out the elevation of the Moon
11:50 Step 7 Find shooting spot and shooting time
15:35 Step 8 Check the natural light
17:17 Final words

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