Photography Planning Masterclass with PhotoPills app

Learn how to use the PhotoPills app to plan any Sun, Moon and Milky Way photo you imagine step by step.

Time Index

00:00 Introduction
01:18 Widgets
03:14 Academy
04:26 Awards
05:41 Pills Menu
07:48 Sun
10:55 Moon
14:30 Night AR
20:14 Using PhotoPills without Internet connection
22:25 Meteor Showers
26:54 Exposure
30:00 DoF
32:21 Hyperfocal table
34:42 FoV
36:12 Spot Stars
38:19 Star Trails
39:19 Time lapse
43:50 Intro to Planner
46:12 Move Red Pin
54:10 Change time
56:40 Map settings button
1:03:58 Planning the Sun in Pont d’En Gil
1:16:36 Planning the Moon in Pont d’En Gil
1:19:27 Planner Tips (Add alert to calendar, email a plan to a friend…)
1:20:48 Planning the Milky Way in Pont d’En Gil
1:38:27 Planning the Moon with Empire State Building
2:03:53 Planning the Moon with mountain

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