Lens Filters and Long Exposure Landscape Photography with Kah-Wai Lin

Join a complete class on lens filters and long exposure landscape photography with the always amazing Kah-Wai Lin.

Kha-Wai will teach us how to use all sorts of lens filters, including the polarizer, the ND and the GND, to shoot long exposures… and to bring your landscape photography to the next level.

Time Index

00:00 Introduction
01:00 About Kah-Wai Lin
03:15 Why do we use filters in landscape photography
06:16 Filters are creative tools
08:49 Types of filters
14:43 Polarizer
25:25 GND filters
45:21 Greenland video
46:56 Human eye vs digital camera
52:30 What is long exposure in landscape photography
57:02 How to increase the shutter speed
59:24 Increase dynamism
1:05:33 Remove distracting elements
1:08:40 How to calculate the exposure time
1:15:31 Long exposures in waterscapes
1:19:50 How to shoot seascapes
1:24:51 Analyze the scene and identify problems
1:31:15 Auroras video
1:34:00 Q&A
1:40:32 Final words

Kai-Wah Lin

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