Learn How To Focus at the Hyperfocal Distance in 1 Minute!

In this video you’ll learn how to focus at the hyperlocal distance step by step. So you can use it as a focusing technique in your Landscape photography, Milky Way photography, Star Trails photography...

You surely know that when focusing at the hyperfocal distance, everything falling from half of this distance to infinity will be in focus or "acceptably sharp".

The hyperfocal distance is commonly used in landscape and night photography to maximize depth of field when shooting with a wide angle lens (10-35mm).

Also, if you’re interested in learning more about hyperlocal distance and in taking the creative control over what’s in focus and out of focus in your photos to tell the story you want, make sure not to miss our detailed depth of field guide:

You’ll get:

  • All depth of field theory explained with examples.
  • More than 60 inspiring photos.
  • Free online calculators (depth of field, hyperfocal table, circle of confusion, diffraction, macro doc…)
  • Lots of fun while learning!

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