How to Plan Any Star Trails Shot You Imagine

In this video you'll learn how to plan your Star Trails photos with PhotoPills.

PhotoPills has turned truly a key app for Star Trails photography. Take advantage of the Star Trails app included in PhotoPills and you'll start taking amazing Star Trails photos ;)

Time Index

00:24 Introduction
02:43 When you should shoot Star Trails
04:13 Factors Star Trails depend on
07:14 Does the Star Trails pattern change through out the night?
08:15 How exposure time affects Star Trails
09:52 How to capture the real color of the stars
10:19 Plan Star Trails on the field - Night AR
20:00 Moon and Milky Way position and path - Night AR
23:02 Plan Star Trails from home - Planner
27:49 Rewarding your photos - Awards

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