How to Plan Any Milky Way Photo You Imagine

This is the first video of a complete Milky Way photography course where I’ll cover Milky Way planning, shooting and post processing. In this video you’ll learn (i) how to easily plan for the best Milky Way photo possible for a given date with PhotoPills app.

And (ii) if you know the photo you want but don’t know when it happens, you’ll learn how to figure out the exact date and time the Milky Way will be right where you want it to be.

If you wish to learn how to photograph the Milky Way watch the second vidoe of this course here.

00:00 Introduction
01:06 Step 1 Place Red Pin in desired location
02:11 Step 2 Set the shooting date
02:49 Step 3 Switch on Milky Way layer
08:19 Step 4. Find Shooting spot and time
10:44 Step 5. Find when the composition you want occurs
14:27 Final words

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