How To Find And Plan The Milky Way

Hi Milky Way hunters!

In this video you’ll learn how you can easily plan any Milky Way photo you imagine using PhotoPills.

PhotoPills is a great Milky Way app. In other words, it's a great Milky Way finder app that helps you plan your Milky Way photo ideas.

Take advantage of it and start planning your Milky Way photography in just minutes.

Time Index

00:18 Introduction
01:33 When is the Milky Way shooting season
02:15 How the Milky Way changes position through the year
03:36 How to plan the Milky Way - Planner
04:55 How to Plan the Milky Way arching above a subject
22:25 How to Plan a nice diagonal of the Milky Way
27:20 How to Plan the Milky Way completely vertical
32:03 Rewarding your photos - PhotoPills Awards

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