First Time Shooting The Milky Way - Rafael Anta

For Rafael Anta, it was the first time shooting the stars. For us, a tremendous pleasure having a PhotoPiller living in Washington DC enjoying a night escape in Menorca.

The summary of Rafael's learnings for Milky Way photography:

  • Widest aperture possible: f/2.8, f/3.5
  • Shortest focal length possible: 14mm, 18mm
  • Shutter speed: Rule 500 (500/focal length) to avoid Star Trails
  • ISO: the highest with good noise performance (1600, 3200)
  • White balance: 3400K - 3900K (depending on the colors of the night and light pollution)
  • Focus at the hyperfocal distance to maximize depth of field and get stars in sharp focus.

Since you're not going to measure the distance with a ruler, when focusing at the hyperfocal distance, make sure you don't fall short, because you won't get the stars in focus, even if you only fall short by an inch (2.5cm)!!

It's much better to focus at a slightly longer distance, let's say 2 feet (50cm) longer or even more. This way, you'll make sure the stars will be in focus.

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The Bard

PS: Rafael Anta's t-shirt: Here Comes The Sun

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