Discover Sedona, Arizona: Photo Spots, the People and its Curiosities!

Sedona is red rocks, dark skies, outdoor adventure, energy vortexes and photography… Lots of photography!

Join me in the adventure to discover some of the most beautiful places to photograph in Sedona (Arizona, USA) along with Elaine Belvin, Bill, John and many more local PhotoPillers.

It all began when Elaine invited me to Sedona to teach a 2-day PhotoPills workshop for the Sedona Camera Club. I didn’t think twice and to Sedona I went… I had a blast teaching and learning from all the people I met in this adventure…

And of course, we spent 2 great days planning photos and taking photos in two of the most stunning locations in Sedona: Cathedral Rock and Yavapai Vista (Bell Rock, Courthouse and Rabbit Ears).

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