Creating Dynamic Landscapes & Cityscapes with Kenneth Hines, Jr.

In this Masterclass you'll learn how ZEISS Ambassador and Adobe Lightroom 2021 splash screen artist Kenneth Hines, Jr. produces his city and landscape images, from his editing workflow for creating his signature look to the gear he uses for his images.

You’ll also learn about his travels throughout the pandemic, that brought him to traveling to 20 states in 2020 and how his travel excursions are planned.

Time Index

00:00 Introduction
01:02 About Kenneth Hines, Jr.
02:15 Creating dynamic landscapes & cityscapes
02:45 Gear Kenneth uses
21:45 How does Kenneth choose where to travel
25:42 Points to remember
28:20 Examples of images (Part 1)
44:08 Tips for cityscapes & landscapes
1:08:30 Examples of images (Part 2)
1:25:35 Post-processing
1:48:00 Final words

Kenneth Hines, Jr.

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