Night AR

Plan your night shots in situ and adjust your frame for the best composition before you shoot. Reduce trial and error. Just locate yourself at the position of the Observer's pin and visualize in augmented reality for the selected date and time: milky way, celestial equator, Polaris, north/south celestial pole, circumpolar stars path and sense of rotation, moon position, moon path, moonrise/set directions, right ascension and declination lines.

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AR view

  1. AR information

    • Milky way 
    • Celestial equator 
    • Moon path 
    • Horizon 
    • Right ascension and declination lines 
    • North celestial pole
    • South celestial pole


  • The stars in movement show you the rotation sense around celestial poles.
  • The information displayed on the AR view depends on the position of the Observer's pin. Make sure you are at the position of the Observer's pin when visualizing the augmented reality information.
  • Make sure you are away from any electronic device or magnetic field because they may interfere with the sensors of the device. It is recommended to wait a few seconds to let the system become stable.
  • Quality of the information displayed in the AR view is good enough to work, but it strongly depends on the limitations of the sensors of your device (GPS, Accelerometer, Gyroscope). This is an issue we cannot control but, as technology advances, manufacturers improve the quality of sensors too.