Welcome PhotoPills’ Contests, Participate And Win A T-shirt Every Month!

By Rafael Pons

Hi PhotoPillers,

During the pasts months, many of you have been sending us truly legendary pictures involving sun, moon and Milky Way. Stunning images that have been thoughtfully planned with PhotoPills.

We felt that you were sharing the result of your creativity and effort with us, and we weren’t giving anything in return. This is how we came up with the idea of running a monthly contest to reward the best photo with one of our original T-shirts!

So, wanna win one of our T-shirts? Then, this competition is for you.

To enter the monthly contest, just send us via contest@photopills.com the following:

  • One of your great landscape images you’ve planned using PhotoPills (only one image per PhotoPiller).
  • Image requirements: JPG format; maximum 1024 pixels on the longest side; sRGB or Adobe98 colour space, 8-bit.
  • The t-shirt design you prefer. You’ll find our designs in the shop.
  • The web/facebook to where you'd like us to link the photo. 
  • Deadline: The last day of each month.

Antoni Cladera (aka The Photographer) will select the winning image. We’ll get in touch with the winner for the shipping information.

One more thing! By participating, you grant PhotoPills permission to freely publish the image submitted in the contest ONLY in PhotoPills online archive showcasing the results of previous contests and in PhotoPills social networks. 

We cannot wait to see your photos!

Happy Shooting and good luck!

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