Welcome The Free On-line Calculators!

By Rafael Pons

Hi PhotoPillers!

We’re happy to announce that PhotoPillsDepth of Field (DOF), Timelapse and Spot Stars calculators are now available on-line in the NEW Calculators’ section of our website’s Academy... for FREE!

This way, we satisfy an old demand from Antoni Cladera (The Photographer), who’s dying to use our calculators in his photography courses and workshops comfortably from his computer. You got it Antoni, so spoilt! :P

Depth of Field calculator

Get the creative control of what appears acceptably sharp in your photos. Just introduce your camera type (sensor size), aperture, focus distance, focal length and teleconverter to calculate the depth of field values.

Timelapse calculator

Quickly compute parameters you need to collect sequences of still images to create timelapse videos.

Spot Stars calculator

Want to take a photo of the Milky Way? Calculate the maximum exposure time to get stars as big bright spots.

Embed the calculators on your website

Now you can take the power of PhotoPillsDepth of Field (DOF)Timelapse and Spot Stars calculators with you. To do so, just take a look at the bottom of each calculator landing page. There, you’ll find the instructions to help you embed the calculator on your website.

Happy shooting!

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