Update PhotoPills Now and Enjoy a Timer in the Exposure, Timelapse, Star Trails and Spot Stars Calculators!

By Rafael Pons

The Timer is an old request...

"Hey guys!

Why don’t you add a Timer to the Exposure calculator?

When I’m shooting a long exposure, I’d like PhotoPills to tell it has ended, so I can stop the camera.

And what about adding a Timer to the Timelapse and Star Trails calculators?

It’d be super cool to know when the Timelapse (or the Star Trails image) I’m shooting is completed so I can stop the camera and go home."



The good news is that we’ve just added a Timer to the Exposure, Timelapse, Star Trails… and Spot Stars calculators!

You’ll even find a timer in the Pills Menu (right next to the Timelapse calculator).

Let us know how it goes!

We’ll keep improving.


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