The True Story of August 29th Supermoon (2015)

By Rafael Pons

After studying all the tips Antoni shared with us in his blog post about how to shoot the Supermoon, we came up with the idea of shooting last August 29th Supermoon appearing right behind a beautiful hermitage in Ferreries (Menorca).  This is the true story of the shooting :)

The story

This time, the moon was extremely shy and it hid behind the clouds. We tried everything to make her appear without luck. I even used my ultimate seduction weapon with no results. Did the powerful Gandalf save the shot?

The following video tells the full story with a dramatic ending... or a happy one ;)

The idea

This piece of art by Germán shows (hahaha), more or less, our dreamed photo. The moon, with an apparent diameter of 15.5m, would have been three times the size of the hermitage.    

The Hermitage of Ferreries (Menorca).

The plan

Everything was in place. The shooting spot, located at 1.6km from the hermitage, gave us a beautiful view of the hill and the landscape. The shooting time 8:15pm. The sun, with an elevation of 0.7°, would have weakened the full moon a little bit, but not too much. These are PhotoPills' screenshots of the plan. 

The Plan: Red Pin on the shootings spot. Black Pin on the Hermitage. Time of the shooting 8:15pm.

Zoom in the Hermitage. Moon’s elevation was 1.2°, while Sun’s elevation was 0.7°.

PhotoPills’ Augmented Reality view from the shooting spot. The moon at the right place!

The Shooting

Anna and I climbed the hill to enjoy the full moonrise by the hermitage. The views are great from the top of the hill.

While Antoni and Germán, stayed at the shooting spot, preparing three cameras: one for shooting a timelapse, another for shooting a video and the third one for the desired photo.

For the picture, the idea was to use a 2x teleconverter in addition to the 500mm lens to capture a giant moon in the frame!

But when weather got worse, Antoni had to react quickly, removing the 2x teleconverter and saving the shooting with a great panorama!

Nikon D4s | 500mm | f/5.6 | 1/60s | 1600 ISO | 5260K | 3 photos panorama

This is the magic of photography, you never know what you’re going to get.

We’ll be back, we’ll try again, PhotoPillers never give up! ;)

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