Our Craziest Video: How To Cook A Supermoon!

By Rafael Pons

Sometimes Evil beats Good… and this time, the Bard has beaten the Developer!

It has been difficult but, finally, I’ve managed to persuade Germán to let me share this video with you. To tell you the truth… it has taken me more than one year to achieve it… but, as you know, in life, patience and persistence is the name of the game… and PhotoPillers never give up ;)

It all began two years ago, when we came up with the idea of shooting our particular Manhattanhenge in our hometown (Ciutadella), but with the full moon instead of the sun.

The video you’re about to watch was recorded during the Supermoon of June 23rd 2013 coinciding with the beginning of the festival of Sant Joan.

By watching it, you’ll learn how we imagined, planned and shot the Supermoon setting aligned with Sant Nicolau Avenue… and, also, you’ll discover one of the more fabulous traditional feasts in the world.

I warn you… it’s a bit weird, but it clearly shows the way we live photography.


And the resulting photos:

Two spontaneous girls made the composition even better!

Getting ready for the shot!

Happy Shooting!

Credits: All photos by Antoni Cladera.

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