April 2015 PhotoPills Contest Winners And Gallery!

By Germán Marquès

Thanks everyone for sending such stunning images. This time, Antoni Cladera couldn’t just pick up one photo, so, this month we have two winners!

The winners are Dani Jiménez and his awesome giant moon between the four towers in Madrid and Kishore Ryali for his superb Milky Way... Congratulations!

Danis’ t-shirt choice:

Lightmeter-man Men T-Shirt in Black

Kishore's t-shirt choice:

Logo Men T-Shirt in Yellow

Once again, thanks a lot to all PhotoPillers who entered the contest. All images have been added to this blog-post for everyone to enjoy ;)

Remember, the May contest is live! What are you waiting for? Send us one of your legendary photos!

To enter the contest just send us via [email protected] the following:

  • One of your great landscape images you’ve planned using PhotoPills (only one image per PhotoPiller).

  • Image requirements: JPG format; maximum 1024 pixels on the longest side; sRGB or Adobe98 colour space, 8-bit.
  • The t-shirt design you prefer. You’ll find our designs in the shop.
  • Deadline: 05/31/2015

Happy Shooting!

Contest rules: By participating, you grant PhotoPills permission to freely publish the image submitted in the contest ONLY in PhotoPills online archive showcasing the results of previous contests and in PhotoPills social networks.

April 2015 Contest Images

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